Competition Four Results


Virtual Meeting Theme: Animals  Submissions Open: March 7, 2024 Submissions Close: March 12, 2024, at midnight  Meeting Review: March 19, 2024  Details: The animal must be the main subject of the photo. Any living creature except human: Insects, Reptiles & Amphibians, Birds; Animals from zoos, game farms, animal preserves, aquariums, pets, farm animals, wildlife, or […]

Competition Five Results


Virtual Meeting Theme: My Alberta Submissions Open: April 18, 2024 Submissions Close: April 23, 2024, at midnight Meeting Review: April 30, 2024 Details: For this competition, the club is seeking your best image(s) which symbolizes our unique Alberta identity and the beauties of our province. Some ideas to consider are cultural and heritage, geographical uniqueness, […]

To be Announced


Virtual meeting To be announced.

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