Competition Rules

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    Competition Categories

    Five different skill levels are recognized in the club for the purpose of competition. All members, new and current, who wish to participate in the competitions, must submit 10 images for evaluation before competing. Each member will be assigned a “Level” for competition, based on evaluation results. Members will compete within their own Levels, with other photographers who have similar skills and experience. 

    This year our competitions are based on the speakers and workshops planned for the year.

    Level Criteria and point system

    • Level 1 – 2: 15 points
    • Level 2 – 3: 30 points
    • Level 3 – 4: 45 points 
    • Level 4 – 5: 190 points (this elite level will open after 5 club members meet requirements) 
    • 1 point for Acceptance
    • 2 points for Honorable mention
    • 3 points for a win

    Submission guidelines

    Click on the following links to learn how to prepare your images for submission to a competition: 


    It is important to RESIZE and RENAME your images accurately.

    Images submitted over the maximum size limit of 1.8 MB and/or incorrectly renamed

    may be resubmitted one time only. If submitted incorrectly a second time, the

    images will not be accepted.

    Click on the following links to learn how to prepare your images for submission to a competition: 

    PREPARING IMAGES FOR COMPETITION: Go to this link for information on required sizing and naming of images: 

    PLEASE NOTE: Competitors may use the resizing and renaming tools within their own chosen softwares. • Provided below is a tool called “befunky” which is being provided as an alternative way to easily resize and rename. It is not mandatory to use this tool. • However, all the requirements specified in the document “Preparing Images for Competition” must be met. 

    To proceed click on: 


    For step-by-step instruction before proceeding, click on this link: 

    QUESTIONS: Contact 


    The Calgary Camera Club encourages members of all skill levels to enter our competitions. Judging critiques are meant to enhance a member’s knowledge and expertise in the art. Judges will do an evaluation and provide feedback on how a member might improve on an image’s impact.

    Two judges from the club membership, with wide experience and knowledge of all aspects of photography, and one external judge will review the entries. External judges may be resourced from CAPA or may be a photographer with expertise on a topic related to the competition category, for example a guest presenter to the club.


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